About Us

At Premier IV we believe that wellness affects so many areas of our lives.  We believe that the best way to enjoy life is by feeling your best.  

Premier IV has created a positive, relaxing environment so you can take advantage of our customized IV drips, boosters, cosmetics and injections to maximize health, performance recovery and wellness.  IV therapy is the only process that ensures 100% of its nutrients are absorbed.  Just check out our cocktails

IV therapy is for everyone: hard working mothers feeling run down, entrepreneurs that continue to work long hours, travelers that are always on the go, athletes hoping to always be at the top of their game and anyone else wanting to feel their best.  Premier IV was started to help you and your family feel your best. 


To improve the well being by providing the best care to help people feel and look better through hydration.


To establish Premier IV as the largest IV company in the state of Texas by 2025.


Our Core Values

Customer Experience

We create a friendly and professional customer experience to deliver exceptional service.


To excel through quality, to connect with our clients and enjoy our work.


We build trust in our relationships through knowledge and experience.


We create a positive and fun work atmosphere where we are committed to making our customers happy.


We communicate open and honestly with compassion, respect and understanding for our clients and team.

Highly Skilled & Knowledgeable

Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable. We strive to continually grow and improve in all aspects of the company. 

Do You Have Questions?

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5406 Winners Circle, B, Amarillo, 79110, Texas

We look forward to helping you look and feel your best!

What our clients are saying...

The staff was very welcoming and friendly. I would definitely request again. - David M.
My first visit was fantastic! He was very professional and thorough in his assessment. The massage was perfect. I highly recommend it! - Jennifer F.
I need deep tissue massages more frequently than I get them (crazy life schedule). So, when I finally take the time it's nice to have a good experience. Jhonathan checked all the boxes. He was fantastic and I look forward to being a repeat customer! -Chelsea G.